"No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor".

Below are a few of the many "Hams" that I have enjoyed "Eye-ball" QSO's with. Amateur radio provides a wonderful opportunity for amateur radio operators world-wide to show the world that cultural and ethnic differences are not important as we are all citizens of the "world" first.

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My wife and I were weekend guests of Stevan YZ7AA and his wife and two children in Novi Sad in 1990. While there we celebrated my birthday,toured Novi Sad,and did some "haming" at the YZ7AA station. It was a memorable visit with special hospitality from the Stepanov family. Again in October 2012 I was a guest in the home of Stevan and his family in Novi Sad Serbia and enjoyed the opportunity to again visit Stevan's country "ham shack as shown here.


                                                                                               Stevan YU3AA at W6GZG Station      StevanYU3AA and Voji YT3A (SK) at W6GZG Station  Zoran, Stevan, Dick, Voji at Tiburon dock

Amateur Radio operators Stevan Stepanov (YU3AA ex YZ7AA and Vojislav Kapun (YT3A/YU7AV (SK) and friend Zoran visited the San Francisco Bay Area over the Memorial Day weekend May 28,2012 and were our guests in our Hayward California home. They enjoyed a tour of the San Francisco area and were there to attend the 75 Year Anniversary fireworks display of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. One enjoyable "eyeball QSO".


Visit with Fair Oaks California amateur radio operators N6AGI Ed West and N6TTG Dave Loving. We enjoyed a good rag chew and

breakfast on September 9, 2010



I was able to make contact with an amateur radio operator from Iraq, YI3SRA Laith Adhary, from Hilla, Iraq. We made our first contact on December 15, 2003 via EchoLink on the Internet. Laith was using a computer at a Internet Cafe. Laith is located in the historic area of Babylon and he sent me a few pictures of some of the ruins of that area.  During the Iraq war Laith's amateur radipo equipment was lost during a looting in his town. I was able to send him a 2M A/T via post to get him back on the air again. I look forward to the day when I can have a QSO with Laith on one of the amateur radio HF bands.


Left to right:1st Picture -  Pete Westergaard - KB8MQV, Gene Cooke - W8XL, 2nd Picture - Howard Evans - W8SV; 3rd picture - Bill Tuma (friend),  Ron Kares - W8WNB. Group Picture - L-R Front Ed Lenington - KB8JC, Franka Caulkins - W8NYP(SK), 2nd row L-R  Roger Ricks - W8BOA, Dick Kalman - W6GZG, Gene Cooke - W8XLA breakfast 'eyeball QSO"in my home town Akron, Ohio on July 15,2010 at Molly's Resturant. I began my "Ham" career in Akron Ohio in 1951 with many of these fine folks. The Akron Net has been active on 20M for over 50 years.


KI4BFN - Leonard Bauer, Alexandria, Ky. Len often checks into the Akron Net on 14.241.60 in the mornings to chat with other Akron Ohio friends. Len was previuosly licensed as  WN4NKT


Frank Caulkins - W8NYP (SK) - Apollo Beach, FL. at his ham shack in October 2008 during a visit. Frank was Chief Pilot for Goodyear Aerospace Corp. in Akron, Ohio where we worked together. Frank was an avid swimmer, swimming several miles when time permits.



L-R Ivo- 9A5A, Kruno- 9A2OM, Dick- W6GZ

Dick-W6GZG & Ranjo (Koki) - 9A2TN


Osijek Croatia Amateur RadioClubfriends


Osijek,Croatia Radio Club 9A1O antenna

Visit Croatia in September 2000 and had the opportunity to spend some prime time with Kruno Feric, 9A2OM (SK) and his Osijek, Croatia Radio Club friends. I was invited to operate the Osijek Radio Club station 9A1O in the VHF Europe 2M contest on on 09/03/2000 assisted by fellow hams who were logging calls into the computer. The Yaesu FT-726R was he 2M rig. My American accent on the Croatian station created a pile up and some additional contacts. I also enjoyed some "wet 807's" during a contest break with a few of the Osijek Croatia Amateur Radio Club friends. The club antenna's were a HF Pro 96 antenna and a VHF 2M antenna. The radio shack is a surplus trailer with a new roof.


I enjoyed a nice visit with Kruno Feric, 9A2OM (SK) in Osijek, Croatia in October 2002 and again in October 2011. Kruno has some new amateur equipment and works packet world wide from his location at the top of a high rise complex. We enjoyed several hours of "eyeball" QSO-ing





W6GZG At Controls

YT6A Antenna/Tower

YT6A New Ham Shack

My wife Branka and I visited the Montenegro, Yugoslavia coast in October 2002 and had a "eye ball QSO" with Ranko Boca, YT6A who lives in the town of Herzeg Nova. Ranko took me on a tour to the top of a local mountain to visit his amateur radio station. His "antenna farm" at that location is very impressive. I operated his station on 15 M using his 5 over 5 over 5 - 15 meter stacked yagi's. The stations I worked in Great Britain were surprised by the 20++ signal coming there way from Montenegro. Some very special moments were shared with Ranko including a tour of his Sky Sat Communications facility where he manufactures broadcast equipment. Some memorable moments in Amateur Radio.


John Griffin - K6GNB and Bob Smith - KE6SYV 

Bob Rett - W6MEI San Leandro, CA


Gordon Reese - KR6AE "mobile"

Ed Chamberlain - KC6ZKP 

Some local "EastBay" hams join together each Wednesday for a luncheon "eyeball QSO" A different reating place or ice cream parlor is selected each week to satisfy the cravings. A lot of "yarns" are spun at these get-to-gethers.


W6NHY 7 Element 10/15/20 M Quad on a 70 Ft.Tower-(at 25 ft) - The tower sits on a high hill overlooking Hayward California. L-R Walt - W6NHY(SK), Ed-WD6BTY (SK), Dick-W6GZG


N1GF ( ex-KS6Q) - Gary Fong of Union City California and a fellow Bay Area Rapid Transit District employee.

Gary keeps the many BART "Hams" together.

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